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PhD position for an interdisciplinary project in the field of “Cancer Neurosciences” (GlioIMAGE)

We are looking for a bright and motivated student for a PhD position at the University of Bordeaux. Three years salary is already secured by institutional competitive funding The student will be involved in an interdisciplinary project associating two teams with high national and international visibility and an outstanding track record:

-The oncology Team led by Andreas Bikfalvi (BRIC INSERM U1312, former LAMC
INSERM U1029, Bordeaux)

-The neuroscience Team led by Valentin Nägerl (Neurocampus Bordeaux)

The project is focused on unraveling new molecular structures using high-resolution imaging techniques in vivo (2-photon, STED, shadow imaging) and molecular analysis during the development and progression of malignant brain tumors. A specific focus is glioblastoma, using animal in vivo and ex vivo models that are well established in the laboratory of the Bikfalvi Team. The aim is to evidence the morphological and molecular changes during tumor initiation, progression and invasion, comparing different glioblastoma subtypes. We will also address
the effects of radio- and chemotherapy on these structures.
We seek an outstanding student with broad cell and molecular biology expertise, including in vivo experimentation. The student will work on an exciting interdisciplinary project and will learn from both, experimental oncology and neuroscience.

For further information please contact:

Andreas Bikfalvi
Phone: + 33 (0) 6 89 30 15 90

Valentin Nägerl
Phone: + 33 (0) 6 75 46 95 35

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