The lack of reproducibility in life sciences research, and particularly in Cancer Biology, is a growing concern in recent years, often referred to as ‘Reproducibility Crisis’. The Center for Open Science published in 2021, in the journal eLife, the results of its ‘Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology’ reporting poor reproducibility of previously published results in the field of Cancer Research. In this workshop experts in different fields, through a transdisciplinary approach, will discuss the causes, the implications and potential solutions for the Reproducibility problems in Cancer Research.

Led by :

– Timothy Errington, researcher at the Center for Open Science and lead author in the 2021 eLife paper, will present the results from ‘Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology’

– Marcus Munafò, Psychology professor at the University of Bristol and Chair of the UK Reproducibility Network will discuss the experience of Reproducibility in Psychology and its relevance for Cancer research

– Dawn Teare, Biostatistician at the University of Newcastle will discuss the implications of the use and misuse of statistics in Reproducibility

– Frédéric de Lamotte, Bioinformatician at INRAE in Montpellier, will discuss open data and the importance of data accessibility for Reproducibility

– José Eduardo Gomes, Geneticist at the University of Bordeaux will discuss Reproducibility from the Genetics and Cell Biology researcher’s point of view.

Download the presentations of the speakers of the workshop:

Introductory remarks and intervention by Timothy Errington

Marcos Munafo

Dawn Teare

Frédéric de Lamotte

José Eduardo Gomes and talks