Master Biology-Health

Molecular Oncology and Biotherapies program

This Master’s program aims to train future executives in research, higher education or the biopharmaceutical industry.

During the 2 years of the “Molecular Oncology and Biotherapies” program, the student will acquire conceptual and methodological know-how combining fundamental research, clinical research and the development of molecular tools associated with diagnosis and / or therapy, mainly in the field of Oncology.

During the M1, students acquire solid and compulsory knowledge common to all M2 courses of the “Health Biology” specialty on: cell biology and physiology, gene expression regulations, study modeling tools pathologies (cellular, molecular and animal), skills to integrate the professional world (communication, corporate law …), project management, and deepening of English. An experimental teaching unit (UE) completes the technological training of students who will put their skills into practice through a first experience in a laboratory or in a company during a compulsory 2-month internship. To access the M2, the student must choose the “Molecular Oncology & Biotherapies” platform comprising 3 specific teaching units as well as a study project and an internship in line with the chosen M2 program.