ONCOSPHERE Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The Oncosphere Bordeaux project brings together research teams from all disciplines, from INSERM, CNRS or the University of Bordeaux, devoting all or part of their work to the fight against cancer. The Oncosphere Bordeaux project also involves start-ups, companies and patient associations. By promoting multidisciplinarity and transversality of research, strengthening basic research, stimulating technological research and translational research, renforcing collaboration with epidemiology, public health and the human sciences and social, the Oncosphere project aims to facilitate development and innovation in oncology, to support and accelerate the integration of this progress into society.

ONCOSPHERE Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Steering committee members

ONCOSPHERE Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Pr Pierre

ONCOSPHERE Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Dr Bertrand

ONCOSPHERE Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Dr Jean-Luc

ONCOSPHERE Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Dr Majid

Pierre Soubeyran, professeur des universités-praticien hospitalier (Bergonié), directeur de BRIO, coordonnateur du projet Oncosphère

Isabelle Baldi, directrice de l’équipe U1219 EPICENE, Bordeaux Population Health

Nathalie Caplet, responsable médiation scientifique et implication patient, SIRIC BRIO

Bertrand Daignan-Fornier, directeur de recherche CNRS IBGC UMR 5095

Thomas Daubon, chargé de recherche CNRS IBGC UMR 5095

Julie Déchanet-Merville, directeur de recherche ImmunoConcEpT

Pierre Dubus, professeur des universités-praticien hospitalier (CHU Bordeaux), président de la Fédération de cancérologie du CHU

Eric Dugas, professeur des universités, LACES EA 7437

Jean-Luc Feugeas, Ingénieur Chercheur, Centre Lasers Intenses et Applications (CELIA) CNRS/CEA, UMR 5107

Majid Khatib, directeur de recherche Inserm, UMR 1029

Stéphanie Lannelongue, secrétaire générale Inserm U1218

Christelle Liard, programme manager SIRIC BRIO

Violaine Moreau, directrice de recherche Inserm, UMR 1053

Pernelle Noize, chargée de recherche, équipe U1219 EPICENE, Bordeaux Population Health

Jean-Max Pasquet, directeur de recherche Inserm, UMR 1035

Bruno Quintard, professeur des universités en psychologie de la santé

Isabelle Sagot, directrice de recherche CNRS, IBGC, UMR 5095

Frédéric Saltel, directeur de recherche Inserm, UMR 1053

Olivier Saut, directeur de recherche, IMB, UMR 5251

Béatrice Turcq, chargée de recherche Inserm, U1218

Christine Varon, professeur des universités, Inserm UMR 1053


Some numbers

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Researchers from Oncosphere Bordeaux have published more than 10,000 scientific publications in international journals since 2007, almost 50% of which are in the top 10 of the most influential journals. They collaborate with research teams from more than 20 countries.

The production of patents by the biological and technological teams is substantial with 186 patents filed over the past 10 years, two-thirds of which are active. Production is more important on the technological side with 74% of active patents. According to the International Patent Classification (IPC), the OncoBio and OncoSTEM teams have 55 common IPC codes.

Oncosphere Bordeaux partners

Our project is developed in collaboration with hospital partners (CHU de Bordeaux and Institut Bergonié). Support from hospitals allows us to strengthen links with biobanks and databases (3 clinico-biological databases labeled by INCa in Bordeaux and managed by CIC-EC Inserm) and to develop translational research projects. We have initiated discussions with the Bordeaux University Hospital and the Bergonié Institute to optimize the provision of tumor tissues.

The fusion with hospital structures will allow all teams to benefit from a strong clinical and industrial link, especially with the CLIPP (INCa Labeled Center for early phases) of the Bergonié Institute and the France Médecine Génomique 2025 MULTIPLI program promoted by Inserm and led by the Bordeaux teams.

The activities of SIRIC BRIO and of the Biological and Medical Sciences department of the University of Bordeaux have made it possible to form strong links between the members of the Bordeaux cancer research community, a community recently strengthened by the arrival of several new researchers of excellence. This booming cancer community is fully committed to the Oncosphere project.

The building project

ONCOSPHERE Nouvelle-Aquitaine

By 2027, the objective is to bring together the majority of the components of the Oncosphere Bordeaux in a single place in order to create a dynamic, original and international ecosystem allowing inter-community exchanges in the service of attractiveness, innovation and promotion.

This building, called IRON (Interdisciplinary Research in Oncology) would bring together more than 400 biologists and STEM researchers, currently spread over 8 different sites. Multiple collaborations are already in place between the teams of the Oncosphere Bordeaux building, whether between biological teams, between STEM teams or between biology and STEM teams.