« Environments »

Jean-Marc Berjeaud (coordinator) with Simone Mathoulin-Pélissier, Vincent Sol and Ingrid Arnaudin.

The “Environments” axis aims to improve knowledge of both physical and social, environments dealing with cancer. These include cancer prevention, its management and the well-being of patients, relatives, caregivers and health professionals. This axis is divided in into two sub-axes. The first sub-axis, “Life Course”, essentially dealing with human and social sciences. Through a multidisciplinary approach, this sub-axis is designed to analyze the various psychological, economic, socio-environmental determinants which structure the experiences and social representations of cancer. The second sub-axis “Environments and Cancer”, which is mainly based on biological, medical, physical and chemical sciences, tends to participate in the identification of cancer risk factors, particularly molecular ones, present in the environment and to propose strategies for eliminating these factors. The analysis of these determinants will allow the implementation of intervention research contributing to the evolution of the perception of the disease, promoting adapted behaviors (tobacco, diet, air / water quality, physical activity, etc.) and participating in the emergence of specific training support for healthcare professionals and relatives.

The extremely multidisciplinary nature of this axis 5 led us first to identify and list the skills on the research sites of New Aquitaine in each of the two sub-axes in order to identify our strengths and associate them in common projects.

To do this, we organized three “workshops” which brought together in Poitiers all the participants interested in these axis themes.

Two workshops were organized (on 11/29/2020 and January 14, 2021) in the “Life course” sub-axis (SHS / Public health / Sport themes), during which common and multidisciplinary work themes were specified, as well as the organization of a first scientific event, coupled with a general public conference, which took place on March 11 and 12, 2020.

These first working sessions made it possible to identify the main work themes for the coming months: supportive care / work and cancer / childhood cancer / cancer and environments (theme common to the two sub-axes of the “Environments” axis) / territorial (regional) organization of care and access to care for cancer patients.

These different subjects will be the subject of upcoming scientific events, grouped under the title “Oncosphere: SHS / Public Health / Sport meetings”.

The third meeting took place on January 13, 2020 and brought together researchers from Bordeaux and Poitiers (the colleagues from Limoges were unable to participate in this first meeting) from various specialties of the “Environments and Cancer” sub-axis (Biology, Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Geography) who presented their areas of expertise, their know-how and discussed their complementarity.

The two events organized on March 11 and 12 around the theme of caregivers for cancer patients are:

A general public conference (Espace Mendès-France, Poitiers) on the work of Philippe Bataille, sociologist, EHESS.

A conference on March 12: « Helpers, these (in) visible ?» (MSHS Poitiers, 80 participants).