« Aging »

Fabrice Lalloué (coordinator) with Laurent Bosquet, Jean Feuillard and Pierre Soubeyran

The Aging and Cancers axis is a strategic research axis for the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, which has one of the oldest regions in France. More than half of cancers being diagnosed after 70 years, the elderly constitute a population with risk of cancer. In addition the low screening campaigns for patients over 75 are is also a contributing factor to delayed diagnosis in these populations. This observation leads us to propose a fourth axis which aims to bring together research forces as well as all the research activities relating to the study of the relationships between aging and cancer in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

This Aging axis is organized according to 3 interconnected sub-axes:

Axis 1 : Fragility biomarkers in the elderly with cancer

Axis 2 : Animal models aging and cancer

Axis 3 : Telemonitoring, telemedicine and autonomy of the elderly

These different sub-axes should allow common themes to emerge between the different sites of the Oncosphere Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Several complementarities have already emerged during the first workshop which took place by videoconference on February 13, 2020. This first meeting which brought together 6 researchers and clinicians from Bordeaux and Limoges was an opportunity to discuss the strong axes within the network as well as the themes that we would like to emerge. The theme will be extended to Poitiers since researchers have expressed their wish to participate in this axis. The aging and cancer axis should make it possible to bring out the strong themes of the main teams of the Oncosphere Nouvelle-Aquitaine.