The Oncosphere, a space for collaboration

The Oncosphère network is a collaboration project between the Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Limoges and Poitiers Universities. The aim of this scientific animation network is to develop the links between the different academic and industrial research teams, to create interdisciplinary approaches and make them durable. Nouvelle-Aquitaine researchers were already able to produce results for patients and develop platforms and young companies. We would like to amplify this dynamic.

Federate cancer research in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The Oncosphere network benefits from a strong regional political will of promotion, a dynamic of all researchers involved in cancer research and strong support from universities and hospital partners, in line with their relevant strategic projects. This project is a unique opportunity to develop interdisciplinary collaborations in a competitive ecosystem. It increases the scientific production and the attractiveness of the sites of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, to create and support projects of innovative companies in health and to facilitate the development and spread of new progresses for the benefit of patients, in particular through a close partnership with patients and society.

To the Nouvelle-Aquitaine scale, the Oncosphère project is organized in 5 lines of research: Fundamental and translational oncogenesis, tumor microenvironment, technological innovation, aging, environments.

The objectives of the Oncosphere

  • To have a better understanding of the fundamental processes of oncology
    • By providing knowledge on the biology of cancers and their microenvironments
    • To develop innovative diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic tools
  • To develop translational research
  • To support the medical and technological development
    • By supporting the creation of research business
    • Through the involvement of researchers in public health, epidemiology and “SHS”
  • To facilitate the scientific exchanges
    • Between researchers of all disciplines
    • Between researchers, companies and patients.