« Fundamental and translational oncogenesis »

Bertrand Daignan-Fornier (coordinator) with Nicolas Bourmeyster and Fabrice Lalloué.

The « Fundamental and translational oncogenesis axis » has the dual objective of better understanding the mechanisms involved in the process of tumor appearance (oncogenesis) and of exploiting our better understanding to develop tools and strategies to fight cancer. (versant translation).

This is an extremely vast issue and our first task is to identify our skills at the research sites of Nouvelle-Aquitaine in order to identify our strengths and associate them in common projects.

To do this, we organized a “workshop” which brought together all the participants interested in Fundamental and translational oncogenesis on August 29, 2019 in Bordeaux. During this day of discussion, 16 speakers (6 from Bordeaux, 5 from Limoges and 5 from Poitiers) described their areas of expertise, their know-how and were able to discuss their complementarity with the other participants. A collective discussion allowed the following four sub-themes to emerge:

1– Stem cells

2– Modeling and tumor transformation mechanisms (3D model, iPS, CAM, zebrafish)

3– Biomarkers, signaling, therapeutic targets (calcium channels, liquid biopsies, exosomes)

4– Migration and invasion

These sub-themes will be the working basis of this axis, they will serve to fuel our collective reflection, to identify our complementarities and to implement collaborative projects.