« Tumor microenvironment »

Majid Kathib (coordinator) with Ingrid Arnaudin, Marie-Odile Jauberteau and Nicolas Isambert.

The study of the tumor microenvironment currently occupies an important place in the field of cancer research and the development of new therapies. Indeed, it is now accepted that the invasive properties of a primary tumor is determined both by the genotype of its cancer cells and by the interactions of these cells with the surrounding and / or distant extracellular environment. Thus, understanding the mechanisms involving the tumor microenvironment in the acquisition of the malignant and metastatic phenotype of the tumor cell represents a necessary scientific opportunity for the improvement of the current therapies and the development of new innovative strategies.

In this context, the tumor microenvironment axis aims to promote exchanges between researchers from the New Region of Aquitaine involved directly or indirectly in this topic.

A first Workshop on the tumor microenvironment was organized on July 10, 2019 in La Rochelle. This workshop brought together 18 speakers (4 from La Rochelle, 7 from Bordeaux, 2 from Limoges and 5 from Poitiers). During these presentations, expertise and research themes on the tumor microenvironment were exposed. At the end of the presentations a round table allowed discussions on the nature of future interactions and on the direction and objectives of the axis.

ONCOSPHERE Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Three themes constituting the basis of the future interactions:


Tumor angiogenesis

Process of invasion and metastasis

After this workshop, the exchanges continued between the researchers and the several meetings took place in different cities such as that of Limoges which brought together teams from La Rochelle, Limoges and Bordeaux on November 25, 2019.