Master Biology Cancer

The international course of Master Cancer Biology, opened in 2019 and labeled Initiative of Excellence by the University of Bordeaux, is one of the four courses of the Master’s degree in biology-health of the University of Bordeaux.

This is an international training, the teaching is therefore entirely in English. The training program is mainly focused on basic, translational and interdisciplinary research in oncology. This 2-year training program includes two laboratory research internships: a two-month internship in the first year and a five-month internship in the second year. Students in the program benefit from open access to cutting-edge technological tools from the University’s technological platforms and direct interaction with expert scientists in the field of cancer biology. Local researchers and engineers as well as renowned international researchers in oncology are involved in different teaching units of the program. The program covers fundamental cellular, molecular and genetic mechanisms of cancer biology, interactions with the tumor microenvironment in initiation, progression and metastatic spread, immunology of cancer, clinical aspects of cancer pathology and therapeutic possibilities with development personalized medicine in oncology. As oncology research has evolved rapidly in recent years with the development of new cutting-edge technologies requiring the processing of “big data”, teaching units in bioinformatics applied to oncology and molecular imaging are included in the program. An opening towards science and technology (chemistry, physics, mathematics) applied to oncology, or even the philosophy of medicine and biology, are offered in the 2nd year, in particular through the development of an interdisciplinary tutored project. The development of critical analysis and creative skills that must be applied in the design of research projects, access and processing of experimental data, documentary research and research project communication are also important elements of the program.

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This master’s program is an integral part of the master’s/doctoral course “Graduate Program in Cancer Biology” of the college of doctoral schools in Bordeaux. This graduate program of excellence labeled in 2021 by the University of Bordeaux aims to offer students a 5-year training offer in the Cancer Biology specialty, with an entry portal into the first year of the Cancer Biology master’s degree for students in the life sciences scientist or in the 2nd year for health students, or in the 1st year of thesis for international students.

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