[27 octobre à midi]

Florence Poulletier De Gannes et Patrick Mounaix (Laboratoire de l’Intégration du Matériau au Système -IMS) interviendront le 27 octobre à 12 h dans le cadre des séminaires interdisciplinaires de l’Oncosphère, à l’institut de mathématiques de Bordeaux.

Biology at the service of Physics and Electronics

The life platform belonging to the IMS laboratory and attached to the Bioelectronics group is dedicated to the interface between biology and physics. A presentation of the premises, equipment, and technical means allowing multiscale studies ranging from molecules to small animals will be made during the lecture. Projects and collaborations related to cancer and/or environmental impact will be developed, focusing on how the life platform helps to study the potential effects of electromagnetic fields on biology and health.

Association Of The Terahertz Refractive Index And Morphological Dilation Operations For Breast Carcinoma Detection 

Breast conservative surgeries are performed to remove the cancer and the surrounding tissue while preserving the breast itself. The precise definition of breast tumor margins is essential to reduce the re-excision rate. In that context, the potential of morphological dilations applied to terahertz refractive index maps of breast tissues was investigated. Several morphological dilation geometries were studied. The method has shown a sensitivity of around 80% and a sensitivity of 82% for the best case. These results indicate that the combination of fundamental optical properties of tissues, denoted by the refractive index, and morphological dilation may open avenues for defining accompanying procedures in breast-conserving surgery.

27 octobre 2021 à 12h

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