The Mechanics and Genetics of Embryonic and Tumoral Development group at Institut Curie in Paris is seeking a lab engineer to work on the Mechanical Induction of Tumorigenesis project of the lab.
The lab studies how tumor growth pressure mechanically perturb tissue biochemistry in leading to tumor progression amplification, through pathological overstimulation of Stem Cells formation and hyperproliferation by anomalous mechanical pressure:
We use mice as a model, combined with biophysical methodologies of tissue magnetization in vivo for magnetic mimicking of physiological and pathological mechanical strains, with state-of-the-art histo-immunochemistry and spatialRNAseq and proteomic approaches in collaboration with the Institut Curie biomedical investigative Pathex team:

The project is dedicated to participate to the study of underlying genetic background, biochemical pathways and specific cells involved. We are looking for motivated scientists with biological/biomedical lab work experience.

Applications and enquiries to Emmanuel Farge at

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