[January 10 – 11, 2022]


Objective: This training will take place over two consecutive days and will address the rich and innovative field of stem cells in solid cancers. Both fundamental and clinical aspects will be developed in order to offer a complete vision of the role of stem cells in the initiation of the cancer process and in its metastatic evolution, and of the original therapeutic means that can be implemented to specifically reach these cells that are considered responsible for the malignancy of cancers. The objective of this training is to provide the basis of knowledge, methods and techniques for studying cancer stem cells, as well as the issues related to the therapeutic targeting of these cells.

Scientific leaders and speakers: Emmanuelle CHARAFE-JAUFFRET
(CRCM, Marseille), Christophe GINESTIER (CRCM, Marseille), Chann LAGADEC (CANTHER),
Océane MARTIN (Bariton), Julie PANNEQUIN (IGF, Montpellier), Jean-Marc PASCUSSI (IGF,
Montpellier), Thierry VIROLLE (iBV, Nice)

Guest speakers: Julie CARAMEL (CRCL, Lyon), Mathieu GABUT (CRCL, Lyon), Damien
GREGOIRE (IGMM, Montpellier), Géraldine GUASCH (CRCM), Fabrice LAVIAL (CRCL, Lyon), Joseph
GLIGOROV (APHP, Paris), Jean Emmanuel SARRY (CRCT), Maria OUZOUNOVA (CRCL, Lyon),
Céline VALLOT (Curie, Paris).

Registration terms and conditions
Price :
Possible coverage within the framework of Continuing Professional Education
– Students, PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, interns: 100 €.
– Statutory academic and hospital staff: 250€.
– Private laboratories: 350 €.

Deadline: December 1st, 2021

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