Project title: targeting oncogenic pseudo‐kinases in leukemia

Project summary: Inactive protein kinases are gaining attention in recent years because they are shown to play an important role in cancer, similar to active kinases. We recently linked PEAK pseudo‐kinases with aggressive cancer and uncovered a unique scaffolding signalling mechanism from structural analyses. We then identified C19orf35/PEAK3 as a new member of this family with oncogenic function in a subset of acute myeloid leukemia. Our main objectives is to characterize the signalling mechanism underlying PEAK3 leukemic function from AML patient
samples and patient‐derived xenografts and screen for anti‐cancer drugs that efficiently target
its active conformation.

Research environment: this research project will be performed at CRBM in tight collaboration with Toulouse CRCT, Marseille CRCM and the Montpellier proteomic platform.

Funding: 30‐36 months CDD for a postdoc funded by INCA, starting late 2022, early 2023.

Candidate: Highly motivated and talented young postdoc in molecular and cellular biology with a high profile in cancer cell signaling and leukemia. An expertise in gene editing and proteomic techniques would be appreciated.

Selected publications on the topic: Ounoughene et al Cancers (2021); Hou et al Sci Signal (2022);
Lopez et al PNAS (2019); Roche et al Am J Can res (2019); Lecointre et al Structure (2018); Patel
et al Nat Com (2017).


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